Use of your own bodyweight as a resistance force

The free-body workout aims at increasing muscle ton of lags, arms, abdomen and back. Improving the cardiovascular capacity, the muscular elasticity and support physical mobility. The workout session consists of an initial warmup phase, which focuses on joint mobilization techniques, followed by a muscle conditioning phase that includes standing exercises as well as exercises on the floor using small training Items.

A final cool-down and muscle stretching phase will enable the release of any muscular tension accumulated.

When you work out using exclusively your own body weight you perform accurate movements that suit perfectly your muscular system.

Speed, mobility, strength and resistance.
Those are the objectives that every free body workout aims to reach, improving each of them step by step.
So each work out session has not only one, but for different objectives.
You won’t work out only individual muscles, but groups of muscles that will be trained at the same time in an effective manner.

Movement sequences can get more and more complex, so a close cooperation between brain and body will be required. As a result, your body will become more flexible, coordinated and agile. This will result in a better motor intelligence. First of all, this will enable you to learn new movement patterns in a shorter period of time. Besides that, your posture and the way you walk will improve considerably permitting you to carry out your daily activities in an easier and more natural way. All this will lead you to become more conscious of your whole body. Training regularly with your Free Body Workout not only will make you stronger allowing for muscular strengthening and toning your cardiovascular system, but will also improve your mobility, coordination, stability and balance which are essential factors required in any other athletic performance.

Alessandro Quintavalle
Fintness Trainer License B
Personal Trainer Level 3
Akkademie für Sport und Gesundheit

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